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As a leading UK biorepository delivering excellence in secure, off-site sample storage we are trusted by academic institutions, research facilities, hospitals, clinics, pharmaceutical companies, clinical trial centres and biobanks across the world.

Our list of valued clients include:

Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust - MTS Cryo Stores ClientAnthony Nolan Trust - MTS Cryo Stores Client
Public Health England - MTS Cryo Stores ClientQueens Medical Centre - MTS Cryo Stores ClientHospital Innovations - MTS Cryo Stores Client
University College London - MTS Cryo Stores ClientImperial College London - MTS Cryo Stores Client

Join so many others in trusting us with your sample storage, contingency planning, disaster recovery, specialist transportation needs and more, and benefit from our:

MTS Cryo Stores UK - Contact    True 24:7 security monitoring

MTS Cryo Stores UK - Contact    True 24:7 callout service and access to our in-house specialist refrigeration engineers

MTS Cryo Stores UK - Contact    Permanent diesel generator in the event of a power supply failure

MTS Cryo Stores UK - Contact    Backup freezers and standby units in the event of equipment failure

MTS Cryo Stores UK - Contact    Comprehensive contingency plan in the event of a disaster

MTS Cryo Stores UK - Contact    Quality Management System (QMS) controlled processes

MTS Cryo Stores UK - Contact    Secure, GDPR compliant electronic sample inventory management

MTS Cryo Stores UK - Contact    Continuous temperature monitoring and alarm systems

MTS Cryo Stores UK - Contact    Specialist courier/transportation services, available in-house or via our trusted, reputable third-party company(s)

MTS Cryo Stores UK - Contact    Range of storage temperatures including 2-8°C, -20°C, -40°C, -80°C ULT and -196°C liquid nitrogen

MTS Cryo Stores UK - Contact    30+ years’ experience operating in this field.

Operating to a true gold standard, you can rest assured everything from our systems and processes to our comprehensive range of services have been designed with you in mind.

ISO 9001 - MTS Cryo Stores UKISO 27001 - MTS Cryo Stores UKThe Quality Register - MTS Cryo Stores UK

MTS Cryo Stores UK - Contact
MTS Cryo Stores UK - Contact
MTS Cryo Stores UK - Contact