Transport, Frozen, -80 degrees, liquid nitrogen, Freezers, refridgerators

MTS Cryo Stores have their own transport but can also use companies such as World Courier, Yourway Transport, PDP and Cryoport as these are our supporting specialist courier companies. We will take the details of your shipping needs, arrange for collection, transport the samples at the desired temperature, deliver the samples to their destination and inform you of their arrival. We are able to offer you a status update at any time during the shipping. We can transfer samples between sites or to your customer's facility within the UK, Europe or anywhere else in the world if required.

Transport using Specialist Couriers

  • Biological samples can be stored at your required temperature anywhere from +4ºC to -150ºC
  • Infectious or sensitive samples are safely transported in accordance with any legal regulations.
  • We can arrange for any shipment size from a single sample to several freezers full of samples.
  • Our preferred couriers are World Courier and Yourway Transport, they are experienced carriers of biological samples with many years of international operations.


Transport using our Truck

MTS cryo stores is now certified to ADR standards and are able to transport class 6 substances anywhere in Europe. We now have two trucks of our own, both fitted with an on board diesel generator. This enables us to transport  -80ºC -150ºC freezers or liquid nitrogen tanks, keeping your equipment running during transport and ensuring the samples remain below the critical temperature. Temperature loggers placed inside the freezer during transport from A to B, ensures that the temperature is recorded making sure your samples comply with GXP/GMP regulations during every step. Copies of the temperature data can be sent to you for your records.

Photo of -800C Freezers inside our truck - there is room for two rows of freezers

      The white truck showing the onboard generator - Your freezers can be pluged in to this during transport and alarmed to Wirelesslab so we can track internal temperature of each unit during the journey.