Disaster recovery

“MTS cryostores responded promptly to our request to activate our disaster plan, successfully moving our large pieces of equipment safely to the top floor of the building ”.

Sally Anderson, Laboratory Manager, Stem Cell Transplant Laboratory, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust.





Disaster recovery

"Cool Repair are at the forefront of freezer technology and were instrumental in our acquisition of the first Daihan dual compressor freezers to the UK.  MTS Cryostores’ comprehensive Disaster Recovery cover provides us with peace of mind in the event of freezer failure. Excellent service from well trained personnel” says Sarah Sims Corporate Compliance Director.





Disaster recovery and offsite sample storage

"We were notified by security at 5:15am on the morning of the 4th October that our -80 freezer alarm was sounding and that the temperature had risen to -53. By the time the freezer was checked by one of our department staff at 7:45am, the temperature had risen to -49 and an emergency engineer was called and arranged for early afternoon.

Whilst waiting for the engineer to arrive, we checked with other ultra low temperature freezer users within our institution and were told that there was no space available where we could place our samples for safe keeping while the freezer was awaiting repair.

The engineer arrived at 3pm and by 3:30pm had effectively condemned the freezer, explaining that the replacement of the compressor would be too expensive, possibly ineffective and would definitely involve the freezer being emptied and returned to room temperature.

At this point we realised that an alternative was urgently needed and an internet search found MTS Cryostores. We called MTS Cryostores and were immediately relieved to find such a professional group of individuals, making us feel confident that our precious freezer contents would be safe in their hands.

Refrigerated transportation was arranged and by the end of the day our samples were safely stored at -80 at the MTS Cryostores facility. The company were available throughout this time for any queries and contacted us as soon as the samples were safely stored, and again the following morning with a temperature graph of the sample recovery.

MTS Cryostores have also supplied us with many options regarding the on-going safe keeping of our samples- long term storage at their facilities, possible repair of our broken freezer and the option to purchase either a reconditioned or new replacement freezer while our samples were safely housed at their facility.

We have all been impressed with the service received and would happily recommend them" says Laura Watson Laboratory Manager.




Sample movement

"The samples were collected and delivered to Leicester with no problems whatsoever. The dry ice provided an excellent solution with regards to the temporary storage of the samples.


On the whole we were extremely impressed with the efficiency of MTS Transport and we look forward to dealing with you again soon." say's Daniel Davis.