MTS have recognised the need for Disaster Recovery Plans in the unfortunate situation of you potentially losing your biological samples. This can now be accommodated as part of the client's contingency plan. MTS have created a special service called “Sample Storage Disaster Recovery Standby Contract”  with emergency couriers who can be on site between 4-6 hours from call-out with the right packaging and sufficient dry ice to pack all samples and ship to the MTS facility, where they will be stored safely. Alternatively we can arrange for the transport of your freezers/fridges or liquid nitrogen tanks containing your samples to our facility using our trucks. Fitted out with on board electricity, your equipment will maintain its temperature throughout the duration of the journey ensuring sample integrity is maintained.

The way the “Sample Storage Disaster Recovery Standby Contract”  works:

You take out a low cost standby contract for an agreed number of samples/freezers and only pay for storage if needed (minimum 1 month storage charge).

We guarantee to have the agreed number of shelves/freezers or floor space available to store your samples and/or freezers at our facility. 

When there is a disaster at your facility we will contact the courier to collect the samples, or we will transport your freezers/fridges or liquid nitrogen tanks including samples to our facility using our trucks.

On arrival of the your samples or equipment to our facility we will place the material in the designated standby freezers or place your equipment in the designated space in the freezer room.

When the situation has been resolved at your facility we will arrange return transportation of your samples or equipment.

This arrangement provides peace of mind for your critical materials and could also help reduce your insurance premiums