ItemTracker® is a complete laboratory sample management software solution. It has been designed and developed for the sole purpose of reliably and securely processing, storing and retrieving large quantities of specimens and is compliant with 21 CRF Part 11 .

ItemTracker is used today around the world in all life science disciplines across clinical and research establishments, from a single laboratory through to multiple sites with particular applicability in clinical trials.

ItemTracker automatically assigns a unique identifier to each sample and also provides traceability and the ability to demonstrate consent where applicable.

Used primarily by researchers, it is suitable for anyone wanting to track samples whether in storage, a laboratory or elsewhere. It is flexible enough to handle any number of different sample types.

An internal disaster recovery to keep your samples safe under challenging conditions

  • Retrieve samples quickly and efficiently.
  • Book in & barcode biological samples as an when required 
  • Print labels, with or without barcodes
  • Provides an audit trail to meet GMP, GXP, GLP and HTA guidelines